Team Building


Team building refers to the various activities undertaken to motivate your team members and increase the overall performance of the team. In this day and age motivational activities are a must to keep your team performing well and stay inspired. Team Building activities consist of various tasks that are designed to challenge and groom team members, motivate them and help them perform at their best.


Arabian Market is a game of influencing skills – fast, memorable and pragmatic, guaranteeing that every participant will talk to one another at some stage. The Arabian Market event maximizes on networking interactions and clearly understanding the value of information.

Good for 12-300 participants. Game duration is 1 ½ hours.


From the smallest organisation right up to the worldwide community we call the global village, great things can be achieved when people come together to combine their strengths and celebrate their differences. Global Grooves is an energetic, rewarding and hugely-entertaining experience that celebrates the multicultural and global nature of business and society today, while providing a memorable highlight to any conference or event.

Good for 100-500 participants. Game duration is 2 ½ hours.


In this Kon-Tiki Challenge cross-functional collaboration, decision making, resource allocation and innovation will all come into play. An impossible task will quickly become very possible (and lots of fun) as the power of the team and a well-coordinated effort takes over to make the project a reality.

Good for 15 onwards participants. Game duration is 2 hours.


During The ‘Shapes’, personality preferences are introduced and explored in an interactive, non-threatening way. This allows delegates to explore their own personality and others’ personality preferences in a safe and fun environment. It describes preferences rather than skills or abilities, no type is better than another and all are important to the successful team.

Good for 15 participants onwards. Game duration is 1-2 hours.